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Jumat, Maret 13, 2009

Geographical Context of the Incident

The goal of this short write-up is to explain the geographical background of NTU, in general, and the location of the incident, in particular, since I realized that most of the time, the discussion about this incident went really wrong basically because the people involved in the discussion didn’t know about the context of NTU. Hopefully, with a clearer picture of the incident’s location, the discussion can be more fruitful in discerning the truth.
First, we need to clarify about the floor numbering system in NTU, which might be seen different from what we used to see. A storey in NTU can be located above the ground level, and yet numbered as Basement 2 (B2 – the storey from which David fell off the rooftop), for example. This is due to the fact that the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) is located in the South Spine (Part), which was built later than the North Spine. And, of course, then, North Spine level was numbered first. And, since NTU is located in a hilly landscape, the ground level in North Spine is somehow become the highest level in South Spine. This explains why most levels in South Spine are numbered as Basements, to be consistent with the numbering system in North Spine.
Next, we also need to know that there are four wings/blocks on each Spine: N1-N4 in the North, S1-S4 in the South. School of EEE itself is located in block S1 and S2 (and, some smaller buildings numbered as S2.1 and S2.2). The incident (highlighted in light green) is located in a bridge connecting S1 and Research Technoplaza (yet another building in NTU). Finally, each block is divided into three equal parts: A, B, and C.
The highest level in Block S1 is Level 1 (a rooftop which is practically abandoned), and the lowest level is Level B6. Professors’ offices are located in Level B1, and notice that it was a closed corridor, which might explain why David did not fall from Level B1 (where Prof Chan’s office was). Simply becaused Level B1 is a closed corridor. Then, we would have a different outlook in Level B2 to B6, which is ‘open.’ (usually for labs)
To sum up, the incident in Prof Chan’s office was located on Level B1 (level 6), but David fell from Level B2 (level 5). While the bridge connecting S1 and Technoplaza is located on Level B3 (level 4), the bridge rooftop (where David fell off) is located on Level B2 (level 5).

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