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Jumat, Maret 13, 2009

Incident Scene Reconstruction

(click pictures to enlarge)

We have also reconstructed the incident’s scene from the pictures that we collected from StraitsTimes.com. As can be seen from the images, the likely scenario would be that David ran from the Prof Chan’s office to the right, went to the emergency staircase (note the trace of blood on the doorknob) located in Lobby B-C, went down one level to B2, and (climbed down, hypothetically) to the rooftop.

But, there is one thing that surprised us from this reconstruction. It was the fact that the knife was located away from the direction of David’s run. Please pay attention to a picture with three policemen. We need to state our assumption that the object located at the bottom right of the picture was indeed the knife, as that was the information given by StraitsTimes.com: (Link, third picture). If this assumption is wrong, the following argument fell away. At first, we thought that the picture with the knife was located at Lobby B-C, the direction of David’s run. But then, there are two things in the picture which made us think otherwise. First, the opened door showed a greeny office, which is unmistakably the Graduate Students Office of EEE, which is located in the front of Section B. Second, the lift on the left is small, which indicates that it was the lift in Lobby A-B, which is smaller than the lift in Lobby B-C (here, the lift is bigger because it is supposed to be a cargo lift; also, there are two lifts in Lobby A-B, while there is only one lift in Lobby B-C). We have gone to the exact place to verify this. It was Lobby A-B, not Lobby B-C.

The trace of blood in Lobby A-B also implied that somebody was running there, and it would be the professor, since David was running to Lobby B-C. More or less, it was confirmed with the statement from the Indonesian Embassy spokesman, Yayah Mulyana, from an interview with Indonesian Professional Association on the 6th of March, saying, “It's said that some people heard calls for help that morning during the time the incident happened, with Prof Chan seen running to the left (after leaving the room), while David ran to the right." (source) This is attested independently with the reconstruction.

Thus, from this reconstruction of the scene, a question popped up in our mind. In that case, it was not David who held the knife last. Is it possible that actually it was the professor who held the knife last? Nevertheless, we admitted that the fact of the knife being there didn’t explain why it was there in the first place, but it is natural to assume that somebody brought it there during the incident. And, since it was known that Prof Chan ran to the left (i.e., to Lobby A-B), it would be natural also to conclude that it was actually him who held the knife last

With this finding, we would like to suggest that any wounds in David’s body before he fell off the rooftop was inflicted in the office and only in the office. (probably, during the struggle between him and the professor, regardless of whether it was obtained accidentally or on purpose) He can’t inflict any kind of wound upon himself after he left the office, simply because he didn’t hold the knife anymore. Which, in turn, will bring us to a final plea to the professor: Would you please explain to us what happened in the office? We do hope that the Singapore Police would ask this question to Prof Chan, and that it shall be answered and explained truthfully to the public.

Finally, we do hope that these write-ups could provide a better understanding for the public in appreciating the location of the incident before making any kind of comments in the internet, which has become a big concern to the most of us for these two weeks. We end in hope that nothing which has been concealed which will not be uncovered, nor hidden which will not be known.

3 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

I think you should send this to Indonesian media and hopefully it will be posted.
Public have to know.

Vom Kriege mengatakan...

So what if the Professor was the last one who held the knife? He could have snatched it from the assailant and used it to defend himself. Another possibility can also be that David and Prof Chan were BOTH in lobby A-B, and David ran the opposite direction when people came to Prof Chan's assistance.

I know you are eager to uncover the actual happenings of this unfortunate incident, but why don't wait after the police investigations are complete before putting forth any hypothesis?

Johnny Lone mengatakan...

If the Proffessor was the last one who held the knife, that would imply he might be the one who removed the handle of the knife, since removing the handle would not likely be possibly done during fight in the office, nor it is likely that the knife has been without handle prior to the fight because it isn't possible to stab someone using knife without handle

So what if Prof.Chan removes the handle? Well, it comes to the motive/intention analysis. What for would he does it but to hide/cover up something? If he thinks he was not guilty, he wouldn't need to attempt removing the handle in such bad condition. But he did it so to erase his fingerprints.