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Sabtu, Maret 07, 2009

The Truth Behind David Widjaja's Incident That Has Not Yet Been Revealed.

This is the English Version of my previous post. Thank you for Felicia Yan who has spent her time translating it.

Please help us by posting this at any media, online forums, blog, facebook/ friendster/ anything, just feel free to publish this post.

March 5th 2009 23:37

Today I and some of David’s friends in elementary – senior high school, visited David’s family at their home, to express our condolence towards the tragedy, and to seek the real truth. All of us (David’s friends and teachers) believed that he did not do any crime that the media had published. Upon our arrival, his parents and brother welcomed us, and we discussed what had happened there.

The more we try to figure out this case, the more we find various oddities which are not yet revealed by the media and government. For the sake of clarifying this, David’s best friend from NTU, Edwin, pawned his bachelor degree, trying to reveal the truth. We would like to express our gratitude toward him. Finally we would like to spread the true story about David Hartanto, our best friend.

Several discordances:
1. Published by the Media, was that David had attacked Professor Chan Kap Luk, then initiated a suicide by slicing his wrist. Where did the news come from? What was their purpose publishing false news mentioning David had slit his own wrist?

2. When David’s family arrived in Singapore on Monday 2th March 2009, the night after the incident, The Family demanded to directly identify David’s body, however there were certain parties forbidding them, saying that it’s the procedure, so The Family tried to be cooperative even while struggling to face this utterly shocking incident.

When The Family were finally allowed to identify David’s body after waiting for 1 (one) day, they were only allowed to view David’s neck upwards, while the rest of his body part was wrapped in plastic. Their request to open the plastic and see their own son’s body was denied.

The Family found there were many plaster on his front neck (below chin), concealing 3 very long cuts. The Family had confirmed to the Singapore Police that there was no wound on his wrist.

Why were they made to wait for 1 day just to see their son’s dead body, despite being so near after having traveled so faraway?

Why was David’s body wrapped in plastic, and not allowed to be seen? Is there any such rule? Or was it just a manipulative effort to hide the truth?

Where did the wound on his neck come from? Why were there so much blood around David’s buttock? And why no media was allowed to mention this?

3. Forbidden from identifying David’s body, The Family visited the incident spot on Monday night, however when they were there, there was no blood left, nor police line, it had already been cleaned up. Only within 7 hours after incident the spot had been cleaned totally. Is there any reason why they had so vigorously cleaned up such an important investigation site? It should not be difficult to clean it Later after the Family Visit, even after the blood had dried for days or even weeks, especially on such shiny surfaces. Any housewives could clean it in less than 20 minutes.

4. Then The Family visited David’s room and they found all the computer devices were still on. Does someone who intend to commit suicide still leave his computer on? Even David’s friend who was online witnessed David’s msn account still appeared online. Does it look like David wanted to end his life? He still played online games with his friend, the one who visited David’s family with us, until 2 am at Monday morning. Someone also witnessed him online posting stuff on a gaming website that morning shortly before the incident.

5. At the Professor’s room, the family found David’s bag. Inside his bag, the family found 1.5 L mineral bottle and towel.(for those who knew David, He always brings towel to school, even sometimes he put his towel on his neck. He also always brings water because his mother always instructs him to consume much water). Does someone who wants to commit suicide bring this kind of stuff, it would be easier to bring merely a knife belonging to somebody else.

6 .David’s family had been denied a visit to Professor Chan Kap Luk, reasoning that he was still in ICU. However Professor’s condition had been stable since Tuesday and was allowed to return home on Wednesday, mentioned by Singapore media. However until today I've never heard of his statement towards this tragedy.

7. When The Family intended to meet with the witness who saw David’s suicide from 4th floor, NTU forbade, reasoning that this issue should be kept confidential. So how do we know that there is anyone who saw David’s suicide, to confirm that he did not accidentally fall or someone pushed him down?

8. Data about David and his final year project had been removed from NTU data base. Within 2 days NTU directly removed David’s data and his project. Is there any special reason behind this? Why should NTU quickly remove his data? Don’t they have any feelings, or memory to remember of their brilliant and intelligent student who won International Mathematic Olympic? It seemed like David never study in NTU.

9. The knife that had been used is from 4th hall, is that a result of investigation? Or just a mock-up excuse? One of our friends who study at NTU said usually Professor has a small knife in his office to cut fruit. The question is, does that knife belong to David or Professor Chan Kap Luk?

10. The tragedy happened at 10.45 am on Monday Singapore time. Isn't it weird, that merely a few students witnessed the incident? Is there any demand from NTU to remain silent? Any threat over grades? The parents have rights to hear first account witnesses on what they saw and heared, and not keep them waiting in the darkness for too long. The grieve itself should be enough, let alone the waiting.

11. The tool that was found to stab the Professor was a fruit knife without handle. Where is the handle? Is it possible to stab someone with a knife without handle? Who stabbed whom, is still unknown, and the handle must be found. However there isn’t any formal & specific explanation about this case.

The fraud News about David which has been reported by the media is not based on anything, below is the clarification:

1. David intended to kill his professor then committed suicide by jumping from 4th floor and in that room there were only David and Professor. David now is gone and the only witness that we have is only this Professor. How we can be convinced that his statement is true without any sufficient prove? The statement from the Professor could not be used as an excuse to blame everything on the deceased David.

2. Some Media Mentioned that David was stressed because his scholarship was terminated last month, he attacked a wrong person because of misunderstanding. Doesn't it sound weird? David was clearly aware that his scholarship will be terminated because his performance was dropping and that that’s not the professor's fault. Moreover David’s father claimed that David had told them 3 weeks ago, soon after he received message from NTU. And The Family had accepted it without problem and agreed to bear the fee, especially since it would be the last semester in NTU for David.

3. It is also mentioned that David was in a depression, due to the incapability of finishing his final project. David’s friend in NTU said that David's project was almost accomplished. He didn’t go back home to Indonesia last semester because he wanted to concentrate on his project. For those who knew David, David loved games, however one thing that we also knew he always did his duties and homework adequately, without help needed from anyone, nor cheat thru anyone's homework.
Therefore if the Media mentioned that David attacked his Professor because he was stressed he couldn’t accomplish his project, it really does not make sense.

4. Media also said that David disappeared almost one week before the incident. Nevertheless his family knew that he was concentrating on his project. The statement that David had disappeared from society due to depression and intended to attack his professor has failed to convince us and is not valid. Within that week David chatted with his brother, and also played online games with his friends. He did not look like someone in deep depression who wanted to attack his professor.

All facts that had appeared recently, already removed the false news reported by the Media:
1. David died due to a fall from 4th floor, without any wound on his wrist but with wound on his neck and buttock.

2. Professor checked out from hospital within 2 days without any clarification and picture whether he experienced any dire injury or not.

Speculations and Other Possibilities:
Did David stab his professor when he was facing computer screen? If yes, it is impossible to recover so soon within 2 days.

Is there any possibility that the professor attacked David? We don’t know, if yes, What would be his motive?

Recently the news about the professor wanting to steal David’s project is vividly talked by many people. This issue is backed up by David’s friend who mentioned the Final year project that David had almost accomplished. Is there any possibility that a Professor from a famous university in an advanced country wants to steal his own student final project?
Is it the real motive? We don’t know.

Was there any 3rd party in this incident? We don't know either.

Was David tortured before he was murdered? Was there any poison or/ and hallucination drug involved?

In conclusion, David's friends and teachers in Indonesia, even strangers who didn't know David, can not and will not accept the news without any appropriate evidence. Without these evidences we are not convinced that a brilliant, nice person like David would stab his own Professor.

It is not that we do not trust Singapore, we just demand to know the truth, nothing lesser than the only truth, very soon.

From David’s Friends and teachers: David, now there is nothing we could do besides clearing your image and revealing to the world the truth about you. Please rest in peace, we all love you so much.

Author: Klemens Andrianto
Translator: Felicia Yan
Editor: Especially

33 komentar:

gsosay mengatakan...

I'm deeply sorry to hear that.. Hope God bless his family

fr1sca mengatakan...

sya sangat tertarik dengan kasus David ini...
Dari pertama kali pemberitaan yg beredar yang mengatakan bahwa David menusuk prof.nya dan bunuh diri itu sangat janggal...apalagi dengan fakta" yang telah ditemukan...
apabila David ingin membunuh prof.nya , tidak mungkin dia menyempatkan diri bermain game online n masih mengerjakan projectnya..
Dan juga, mengapa orang tua David tidak boleh mengunjugi prof. tsb beserta para staf NTU yang mungkin sja dapat memberikan kesaksian...???
Apalagi proses pembersihan serta penghapusan file" David yang terkesan sangat cepat sekali dilakukan...
Saya berharap agar kebenaran dan keadilan dapat ditegakkan...
Jika tidak...,maka akan ada lagi korban" berikutnya...

Unknown mengatakan...

Rest In Peace, David... I feel a very strong vibration, VERY very strong vibration, that God Almighty is watching The Culprit's every thoughts and history now. We all know the Karma that The Culprit has created will never be amiss to God's Eyes... Yes, with all the millions of Indonesians' and students' negative anger directed towards them... You could hardly miss it, Culprit... You've made a very big mistake by killing this innocent David and by lying so stupidly.

Ale mengatakan...

Jika saja pemerintah sekarang atau ada seorang capres/caleg/cagub/dll yang bisa lebih serius memperhatikan dan menuntaskan kasus ini, saya yakin banyak orang yang akan mendukungnya.
Pemerhati kasus ini baik yang online maupun yang offline dijamin jumlahnya tidak sedikit, tokoh siapa yang muncul dan berani bergerak, dialah yang akan mendapat simpati lebih besar.


exorcist mengatakan...

minta izin copas..boleh tak?
wat di fs...

Unknown mengatakan...

Let's come together for the truth

sandy mengatakan...

The only recourse for Widjaja's parents to get a satifactory conclusion from the abnormalies in this case, in particular the knife without a handle, is to file a police report against the professor, for causing the death of his son. Since this is across borders, Interpol can be called in, and ensure fair treatment of evidence in a country where the press is known to be well controlled.

life's spirit mengatakan...

gw turut berduka atas meninggalnya David..
tp gw yakin bgt klo bukan David yg ngebunuh profnya..
apa lg handle pisau yg jd brg bukti ilang gt aj..seakan-akan pelakunya pengen ngilangin sidik jarinya..dan yg pst hal itu gak mngkn dilakuin sama David..soalnya dy meninggal saat itu jg..

cia you ya!
gw yakin kebenaran pst bakal terungkap..
gw jg bkal terus nyebarin blog ini..spy org2 tw klo david gak salah..

Dyna Shonata mengatakan...

I'm so touched to see all of you fight hard to search for the truth.

A comment regarding Prof Chan in Straits Times is ambiguous. A colleague who 'does not want to be named' testified that Prof Chan is kind & seldom involve in argument.

This is very biased. 'does not want to be named' indicates unreability. I also can say that I am a very close friend of David, while I dun want to be named, and testifies not accurately.

I do not know Prof Chan at all, but the motive seems like to cover the reputation of the Prof & NTU alone. So that all blame is to this Indonesia student.

Pray for you all, guys. Hope the truth is revealed.

Pudle mengatakan...

Bangkai yg ketutup n ga ketauan, lama2 bakal kecium juga dah bau-nya.

So... kita liat nanti, sapa yg bner sapa yg salah. Biar dunia internasional tau fakta yg benernya. Ga semudah itu ngilangin nyawa orang. And buat orang yg udah ngelakuin tindakan ini, pasti dah bakal dapet balesan yg setimpal.

Buat kel. David => Turut Berduka Cita
GBU all.. always

Esp mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Esp mengatakan...

Sebenarnya Media di Indonesia pun tidak banyak melaporkan kasus David. Sangat mengecewakan. Bahkan di Tabloid Wanita Indonesia terbitan minggu ini, masih tertulis bahwa dia membunuh dan bunuh diri.

Saran saya, harap melibatkan lebih banyak lagi media-media di Indonesia dan Singapore. Kirim dan ajukan permohonan untuk lebih meliput lagi kejanggalan-kejanggalan di kasus David.

Kalau di Singapore, saya tidak tahu alamat dan nomor telepon, tapi di Jakarta (Indonesia) adalah sbb:

- Radio Elshinta SMS: 0811806543
- Radio Elshinta Telp: 5869000
- Gen FM: 08121122987
- Warta Kota: 53677882
- Non Stop: 53699507
- Seputar Indonesia (sudah 2 kali melaporkan): 3924294
- Kompas (belum pernah saya temukan beritanya di Kompas): 5347710
- Kedubes Singapore di Jakarta: 5201489. Fax: 5279828

Esp mengatakan...

For centuries the media has been holding a very strong influence to people around the world.
The media generates the mass.
The media also moves the government. In large scale, the media changes the world.

Please, don't give up, let us fight for justice in David's murder case.

Klemens, is there anyway I can contact you via e-mail? There are things I need to ask. Thank you.

Chiyo no chichi mengatakan...

Saya juga sangat prihatin terhadap berita2 di media yang mengatakan bahwa David mencoba membunuh profesornya...

Perlu ditekankan bahwa tidak sembarang orang bisa ikut serta dalam Olimpiade Matematika apalagi kalo orang itu kurang waras..Jadi berita2 di media itu pasti sengaja diganti demi menjaga nama NTU dan negara Singapura..

Saran saya kepada keluarga David adalah untuk menghubungi media luar negeri di luar Singapura dan Indonesia supaya mereka bisa memberitakan masalah ini secara objektif untuk menghindari tuduhan kalo media Indonesia dan Singapura mencoba membela diri masing2..

Semoga saran saya membantu..

anonymous mengatakan...

I hope his family will get better in time. They are the ones that are hurted most now.

I'm neutral on the matter until an official police report on the case is out. Until then all the things on the media are just speculations.

Regarding the discordances in the blog.

For point 2.
Regarding the corpse, I think pathologist might be performing an autopsy to write a report. You think an autopsy can be finished within an hour? And if they are performing autopsy, will you want the parents to see their son being cut up?

As to covering except head and neck, you only need to identify the body. The pathologist will do the report on the corpse.

I think if they just finish an autopsy the corpse is naked. It is disrespectful if they left the corpse uncovered for identification.

If the corpse is not naked, then i don't know why they need to cover.

As to the wounds and blood, I guess the truth will only be revealed when the police report is out.

For point 3.
What is there to be weird about this? You think the University will let the blood stays there and tramautises the people passing by until when the family decides to visit the site? Mind you, it's a public place where people walk pass.

It is University ground, the University has their rights to clean up after the police released the scene.

For point4.
There is such a thing known as crime of passion. Things can happen with impulses,unexplainable.
Or unforseen situations happen.

For point5
The presence of a bottle and towel only implied that he didn't go there wanting to kill anyone, but it doesn't explain what happened in the room or after.

For point6
Generally, I think anyone (antagonist, protagonist and witness)directly involves in a criminal case is not allowed to give a public statement before the police for fear of incorrect truth and tainting the public's view.

For point7
This is same as the above. Moreover, generally I don't think family and friends of the antagonist or protagonist are allowed near any witness in any cases in case they might alter the witness's statement.

For point10
At 10.45am, alot of students are at lecture theatres. His friends studying at NTU should know.
Either people who witness are too tramautises or think that it is a hassle.

If you are really suspicious about some points, hire a local private investigator/lawyer.

anonymous mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
anonymous mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
bf mengatakan...

For point 8,
it is common practice for the school to erase a student's datawithin 24hours of the student withdrawing from the school. Hence, it is not strange for David's academic records to be deleted after his death.

My heart goes to the family and friends who feel the loss of David Hartanto.

BopZ mengatakan...

sebenarnya, gw ngerasa aneh ngeliat foto jasad nya david setelah jatuh. tangan kirinya ada di bawah badan nya, kalo dia memang loncat sendiri, apa itu g janggal?
coba bayangin aja cara orang loncat...

lalu, darah d bagian pantat nya dan leher nya, keliatannya seperti tanda2 bekas di gantung...
lalu, bbrp hari setelahnya, ada karyawan yang gantung diri d NTU, rasanya janggal...

di foto nya, tangan kanan nya juga ada garis merah, apa mungkin itu bekas di ikat?

ini cuma hasil observasi singkat gw dari foto berresolusi rendah nya yang dulu ada di yahoo news indonesia, jadi jangan di anggap terlalu serius...

dwistan mengatakan...

Guncangan hati dan kekuatan pikiran yang terus menerus mengalir, memberitahu, dan secara halus meng-iyakan niatku untuk menulis. Perasaan ini kembali datang dan kali ini aku tidak ingin mengabaikannya.

Setelah mengikuti beberapa berita tentang kepergian sahabat sebangsa kita, David Widjaja. Yang sampai saat ini belum ada kepastian tentang bagaimana seorang anak bangsa yang begitu cerdas meniggalkan kita. Menelusuri sepanjang yang aku tahu melalui berita-berita yang beredar, masih tidak cukup untuk mengetahui sudut yang tersembunyi. Aku salut melihat begitu banyak orang yang mendukung dan memperjuangan kebenaran buat david. Aku salut, walaupun aku tidak mengenal siapa david sebelumnya.

Bukan saatnya lagi untuk menyalahkan siapapun, bukan saatnya lagi untuk menuduh, menyudutkan, memojokkan, merendahkan, yang pada akhirnya tetap tidak memiliki jalan keluar dengan fakta yang kita inginkan bersama. Aku tidak tahu bagaimana perasaan yang harus diterima disaat kehilangan seorang anak, abang, keponakan dan lainnya, karena tidak pernah sekalipun terlintas diperasaanku untuk mencoba merasakannya. Tetapi aku tahu persis, perasaan yang harus aku hadapi pada saat sahabat meninggalkan kita. Jantung seakan akan berdetak dengan sangat lambat, keheningan dan pikiran yang dipenuhi dengan kata tanya.

Menyadari bahwa hidup begitu singkat, adalah sebuah pelajaran yang paling berharga. Hidup bisa direncanakan, tetapi tidak bisa diprediksi. Hidup adalah sebuah berkah, yang membutuhkan perjuangan. Sudah saatnya kita mendirikan sebuah tugu perjuangan, belajar dari apa yang mengilhami, dan tidak menyalahkan. Sudah saatnya kita mendukung, menyemangati dan mendorong mereka yang sangat dengan David. Tragedi hanya bagian dari kehidupan yang tidak satu orangpun bisa mencegahnya. Kebenaran tetap kebenaran, walaupun kini, tidak ada satu orangpun yang bisa melawan kekuatan yang mungkin~ berasaskan politik, yang akhirnya merugikan siapapun.

Aku yakin, kini, saat ini, pada saat almarhum teman kita, mengetahui, melihat, dan mendengar, begitu banyak orang yang berjuang untuk dia, saat ini juga, dia akan sadar bahwa, hidup yang selama ini dia jalanin, tidaklah sia-sia, melihat sahabat dan keluarganya begitu kehilangan. Dia menginspirasi begitu banyak manusia, termasuk aku. Bukan dendam, emosi atau amarah negatif.

Teringat sebuah penyataan seorang guru, yang pernah menasehatiku tentang kehidupan, "Pada saat kita lahir, kita menangis dan mereka tertawa bahagia; pada saat kita mati, kita tertawa, dan buat mereka menangis". ini adalah pembuktian bahwa, selama kita hidup, selalu memberi pengaruh.

Inilah kenyataan yang harus kita terima, walaupun albert enstein pernah bilang "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." Tetap saja, ada pembelajaran yang berharga yang bisa dipetik, pengorbanan yang membutuhkan ketabahan hati dan pikiran positif untuk mengakses setiap serangan. LIFE MUST GO ON, MUSTT.....


tulisan ini didedikasikan buat,
Keluarga David Widjaja
Teman, kerabat dan saudara
dan mereka yang mendirikan tugu perjuangan.

nona aneh mengatakan...

kjanggalan yg g rasain..
apkah org yg berlari ktempat lain untuk melakukan tindakan bunuh diri sempat menghilangkan bukti??
-(gagang pisau)-
klo tangan yg terluka..
tidakkah ktika bk pintu, harusnya darah yg berbekas di gagang itu menyerupai bentuk tangan??mengapa ini tidak?? malah hanya berupa tetesan...
- (bisa liat dfto ny)-
so misteriously...

nona aneh mengatakan...

o ya..
clay man sapa y??
g ru ptama nya masuk blog ne..
g cm ngasi pendapat aj seh..
n g jg masi gaptek..

Esp mengatakan...

The parents have rights to take a look at David's body, fully. The whole covering up was definitely suspicious.

Impulse killing is way out of possibility in David's case. Impulse suicide is not possible to his case either. He was not a loner.

1 month is too long time for just an autopsy result to be reported out.

Esp mengatakan...

What's the purpose of NTU deleting his data? He is DEAD, and might not be by his own choice. He is not a criminal. This doesn't make sense.

Esp mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Esp mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Esp mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
SAI_LIM mengatakan...

Saatnya pemerintah RI menunjukan kepada bangsa ini bahwa mereka mampu melindungi kepentingan rakyatnya dimanapun mereka berada...dan saatnya juga untuk kita berfikir ulang tentang singapura...apakah benar mereka sebuah negara seperti yang selalu mereka gambarkan.....Solidaritas Anak Indonesia...

1001 komen mengatakan...

Iya, Gue ajah yang udh disakitin ama banyak dosen dan pejabat ajah nyantai-nyantai ajah kok. Udh biasa.masa iya ampe ngebunuh org. gak rasional ajah.Lagi juga, kok gak ada saksi mata yah?Lagi juga Kok tuh profesor sembuhnya cepet amat. ketauan amat cuman boong lukanya. Lagi juga bego bgt, masa iya si david ngeliat profesornya cuman luka gitu doank, davidnya ampe panik bunuh diri. Palingan kabur...!gak mungkin deh dia bunuh diri...
Gak dimana2 semua instansi pasti mau imejnya baik, jadi disalahin deh wong indonesianya. apalagi NU merupakan salah satu universitas d asia yg terbaik, bahkan di dunia kali ye...Banyak paper2 ato proyek ekonomi penemuan mereka yg gue baca.ntar ratingnya jatuh dunk kalo gak imejnya buruk.

Zaien Aji Trahutomo mengatakan...

saya sudah pernah berinteraksi dengan beberapa bule, baik yang dari italia, perancis, china, malaysia, dan singapura. mereka tidak lebih pintar dari kita, tidak juga lebih baik dan lebih sopan.

kita lebih pintar dan lebih baik. mereka (singapura) memang kompak (dalam kejahatan mengambil yang bukan hak dari indonesia). mari berpikir kedepan. kita tingkatkan kompetensi masing2, dan mengungguli singapura, saya sudah mencoba, saya bisa, anda juga bisa. balaskan dendam david.

Unknown mengatakan...

hi... im just passing by, looking for news about the poor guy... and i came upon this blog, and i read one of the comments, and this particular comment (i've copy-pasted it to my comment) triggered me to say something...

mas zaien, it's really great that u've had the chance to interact with some international people. and u should be grateful that u've had this chance instead of then thinking that our nation is above theirs. im not saying that our nation is not great, but let's face it, we have a lot to do about the mentality of our nation. as to ur statement of "kita lebih pintar dan lebih baik", who are u to judge this? we are all THE SAME, with our greatness as well as our flaws. and with all this hatefulness, of "balaskan dendam david", just what exactly are u trying to achieve with that?

excuse me... ive just had to say something... zaien aji's statement really ticked me...

and my truly deepest condolences for the family and close friends of david's.

Zaien Aji Trahutomo mengatakan...
saya sudah pernah berinteraksi dengan beberapa bule, baik yang dari italia, perancis, china, malaysia, dan singapura. mereka tidak lebih pintar dari kita, tidak juga lebih baik dan lebih sopan.

kita lebih pintar dan lebih baik. mereka (singapura) memang kompak (dalam kejahatan mengambil yang bukan hak dari indonesia). mari berpikir kedepan. kita tingkatkan kompetensi masing2, dan mengungguli singapura, saya sudah mencoba, saya bisa, anda juga bisa. balaskan dendam david.

Anonim mengatakan...

David pernah berjuang mengharumkan nama Indonesia di dunia internasional. Sudah selayaknya pemerintah Indonesia memperhatikan kasus ini. Ini menyangkut kehormatan bangsa Indonesia. Judul berita-berita di media seperti "Mahasiswa Indonesia bunuh diri setelah tusuk prof Singapura", harusnya yang benar "Mahasiswa Indonesia terbunuh setelah insiden dengan prof Singapura".
Dalam insiden itu belum jelas siapa yang duluan menyerang. Yang jelas faktanya David terbunuh dengan berlumuran darah sedangkan sang prof segar bugar setelah hanya 2 hari dirawat.

Michael mengatakan...

Just hope the truth will come out one day. So sad even though it happened so many years ago.